AH X ME - Mothering Earthlings


Anthill Fabric Gallery is a creative social and cultural enterprise that seeks to grow and establish innovative community enterprises of Filipino artisans engaged in fabric use through market access and innovation to cultivate home grown skills, resources and living traditions.

Each piece in this collection is patched up in vibrant cotton prints and Filipino hand woven cotton fabrics. The fabric accents are Kantarines from Abra, Binakol from Ilocos and Ramit from Mindoro, Philippines. They are meticulously hand woven using scrap or upcylced thread into intricate and elaborate patterns. These artisans celebrate their culture by continuing their living traditions of weaving fabric in the hopes of passing it on to younger generations with much value and appreciation.  Mothering Earthlings followed the trail in Anthill where culture meets style.

These skills are also their source of sustenance. Despite aching backs and cramped spaces, these women choose to work in their homes as they are first loving mothers to their children. They finish an average of 5-7 meters a day on their handmade antique looms while juggling household chores to be able to put food on the table. You help promote the preservation of weaving culture and support the sustainability of a community enterprise.