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As working parents, Michael and Catherine bring their daughter with them everywhere - to work, to run errands, to go malling. So you can imagine how well used their diaper bags are. Their very first diaper bag, given by their mom, lasted only for three months.  They were happy to let it go. They didn't like the cartoon design, and the material was too flimsy for everyday use.  The second diaper bag was too bulky, making it difficult to grab things during emergency poops and diaper leaks. The third diaper bag didn't have enough pockets, so bottles, diapers and changing mat would all roll around in the bag. 

Tired of all the diaper bags that the market had to offer, they came up with their own solution. They made their own. They took into consideration all their raves and rants for their previous diaper bags, and came up with their own design.