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Tip Tap Soft Soles


Tip Tap is a brand of footwear that currently focuses on soft soled baby shoes.  We seek to be a brand that is widely recognized by parents for our light, fun and caring personality. Yet, we are more than just a brand of footwear since Tip Tap is essentially about making a mark in people's lives by delivering a quality product for both babies and parents to enjoy or by participating in and supporting various organizations as well as the parenting community.
Making a Mark: on whom and how?
For YOU: by providing you with a quality product at a very reasonable price to make each purchase practical and easy
For our BABIES: by providing them with footwear that will keep them safe and ensure their proper foot development
For our ENVIRONMENT: by using safe non-toxic materials for our shoes and recyclable materials for our packaging
For our SOCIETY: by doing our part and helping those in need through collaborations with non-government organizations and other agencies