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Next9 Cloth Diapers - Prints

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Do you know that it takes 550 years for disposable diapers to decompose?

Next9 cloth diapers are leakproof that grow with your baby.  

Easy to use snaps can be adjusted to fit babies 7-35 lbs.

Easy to care for instructions: 

Wash after each use. Take out the insert from the pocket of your diaper and wash separately.

Make sure that you have the correct size for your baby and that the fit is snug. 

Do not use fabric softener (or soap that will leave a film on your diaper...if you do, it will be difficult for the pee to get through the layer of fleece to the absorbent core in the middle). 

Do not bleach or exposure to high heat for prolonged periods of time.

When soiled, solid poop will "plop" right off of the diaper into the toilet. 

Disposable diapers promote aggressive consumption of both renewable & non-renewable resources and overburdened landfills.   

Learn more about cloth diapering here.

We offer bulk discounts. Email us at for more information. 

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