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Diaper Clutch


You don't always have to lug around a big diaper bag, sometimes all you need are the essentials. Take it on quick trips out or tuck it in your diaper bag and grab for a quick and easy change. This diaper clutch is large enough to cover changing tables found in most malls in town. 


  • Magnetic lock
  • One (1) inside pocket for diaper and tissues
  • One (1) outer pocket Printed fabric with plastic protection
  • Water-resistant lining.

It is 19.25” in length and 30.25” in height.

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Customer Reviews

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Maria R. M.R. Maria R.
A fun and quirky print

A fun and quirky print for a diaper clutch that can double as a 'me' purse.I guess I'll be using it as my accessory, baby is optional.

Carla C. Carla
Buying the diaper changer has

Buying the diaper changer has significantly lessened the amount of stuff we lug around whenever we go out. I also don't have to worry about looking for clean surfaces (or worse -- sanitizing one!) just so I can change his nappy. The pockets of the diaper clutch have also helped make the baby bag more organized since everything we need for changing fits inside the pockets. If I had a wish though, it'd be that they make one that has pockets big enough for cloth diapers. Now that I've made the switch, the pockets aren't big enough anymore! ;)

Miharu K. M.K. Miharu K.
a must-have for mobile parents

i appreciate the thought that went into the design of this diaper clutch. i love the fact that you can bring all your diapering essentials in a compact package that has everything in plain view and arm's reach when changing your baby in restrooms or otherwise awkward spaces. i also like that you don't have to lug your entire baby bag with you!