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SaYa Versa-Tekk Blend (VTB)

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Saya is a hybrid sling that mergers the benefits of all the major carriers out in the market today. It provides the convenience and nursing discretion of a ring sling.  It gives you the ease of use and deep pockets of a pouch sling.  You get the comfort and dual shoulder support of a wrap or simple piece of cloth.  It's style is versatile and uses the wisdom of traditional Asian carriers.  It also uses modern fabrics, construction and durability of technical carriers. The VTB is 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

Fits snugly like a hug!
0 5'4" & Smaller Petite & Slender
1 5'2" to 6' Slender to Medium
 2 6' & Taller Large to Plus Size

Most will fall under size 1.  Some couples can share this sizing comfortably.

If that was too fast, you can watch the 2 minute tutorial.

The Saya is perfect for new borns! You can watch the more detailed Newborn Tutorial if you still weren't convinced with the first instructional video.  It is a six part series but well worth your time.

See more instructional videos on how to Loop the Loop, the Yakap Position, Tangan for smaller babies, Sakay carry for toddlers, the proper Seat Position and even how to remove your baby from the saya.

You can also read The Painter's Wife  step by step picture tutorial.

Tired of watching videos? Download the Instructions Manual by clicking this.



Lemon Yellow
Sunkist Orange
Grizzly Brown
Sapphire Blue

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