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Tablas Gumamela Wrap Skirt

Mothering Earthlings

The Tablas is the most flexible skirt in a little girl's closet.  It is reversible so she can wear the side that suits her top and her mood.  It is a wrap skirt with an adjustable waist which means Tablas will grow with her. It is fun and frilly in all the right ways.  

The long waistband gives it a quirky twist. It is the print of the reverse side accented with Ramit bands in varying colors. Ramit is meticulously handwoven by the Buhid and Hanunuo Mangyans in Mindoro, Philippines. Upcycled thread is spun into intricate geometric patterns.

17" - 24" 15"
21" - 27" 17.5"
22" - 31" 19"
When you purchase this skirt you help promote the preservation of weaving culture, the artistry of the Mangyan people and support the sustainability of a community enterprise.

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Teodora g. T.g. Teodora g.
I love all the AH

I love all the AH x ME skirts/dresses. I always watch out for new designs and buy them asap =). My daughter hasnt worn half of the clothes I bought since she is just turning 3 so the skirts dont fit yet hehe but she loves the Pilar dress and wears it once a week i think hehe....Pls create more dresses and skirts with Anthill =)